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A History of Locks

One of the hallmarks of human civilization is its concern for the material security of person and property. The invention and development of the lock and key not only attests to this preoccupation with security, but also provides important examples of technology and graphic design.


Solid Brass. Developed at the turn of the century, using levers. Quite secure at the time.


At the request of Bell Telephone, this lock was developed in 1964 as a fully mechanical combination changeable.


With the advent of microprocessors, we developed magnetic stripe locks for hotels, along with push button locks, to allow for a multitude of combinations of codes.

Discover our Stamp Collection

From the hundreds of thousands of stamps that have been issued by national postal authorities since 1840, only a relatively tiny number have incorporated an image of a key or lock, and usually as a mere incidental element in the main theme or design.

Where it all Started

Aaron M. Fish

After leaving high school in 1949 armed with early training in his fathers locksmith shop, the 17-year-old entrepreneur started Canadian Key and Lock Supply…


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Under Lock & Key

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“It was sometime in the summer of 1961 that I got the phone call that changed my life … “


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